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At the young age of 4, Bryce Jude, a devoted and animated fan of his beloved Ottawa Senators, was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood leukemia. Despite the fight of his life, Bryce sadly passed away shortly following his 7th birthday as a result of a neurological side effect from the heavy treatment he had received. In loving memory and honour of Bryce’s short yet joyous life, the Jude family formed Refuse2Lose – Team Bryce as a means to “Pay It Forward” to support other children (and their families) battling cancer through it’s Candlelighters Suite Seats program, providing an escape from the day-to-day stresses cancer hands these families … an escape so the children can safely experience the thrill and excitement of an Ottawa Senators game, a concert or one of the other many entertaining events that take place throughout the year at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Help Refuse2Lose put a smile back on these brave children’s faces while celebrating Bryce Jude and his love for hockey … donate today!